1.How do I order a whole cake?

You can order our whole cakes or a variety box via our website www.buttercrumbs.com.au or see us at our shop in Mt Lawley to arrange an order. 

2. Do you guys deliver? 

We only offer pick-ups during business hours at our shop in Mt Lawley. 

3. How many days’ notice do we need to order a cake? 

We need a minimum of two days’ notice to complete a cake order.

4. What if we need a cake instantly or within a day?

You are welcome to walk in and purchase pre-made cakes at our store. You can contact us on +61 439 494 187 if you would like to know what is available on the day.

5. Do you make gluten free cakes?

Sorry, we are not a gluten free kitchen and do not presently make gluten free cakes. All cakes are made in premises in which milk, wheat, nut, soy and other allergens are used. Every effort is taken to keep ingredients separate however cakes may contain traces of milk, wheat, nuts, soy and other allergen. Clients agree to notify guests of this risk and accept liability for any allergic reactions.

6. Are your cakes Halal?

Yes, our cakes are Halal. They are made using Halal gelatine with no alcohol or pork.

7. Do you make custom cakes or wedding cakes?

We do not make custom cakes at the present time. However we suspect you’ll find our amazing artisanal cakes are a step above anything else you’ve tasted in the past!

8. Can I order special cakes for children with specific themes or decorations?

Our Sprinkles Cake is extremely popular with kids (and equally enjoyed by grown up kids too). We will soon be branching out and creating cakes specifically for kids, so watch this space!

9. How many days do the cakes last? Do we need to store them in the refrigerator? 

Generally, all our whole cakes last three days if stored in the fridge, except for the Basque cheesecake. The Basque cheesecake can be stored at room temperature (Below 35 degree celsius) for up to two days. We recommend immediate consumption of all our cakes for the best experience.

10. Do we need to bring an esky or chilled insulated bag when we pick up our cake?

Yes, this is preferable in order to preserve the integrity of the cake. We do not recommend keeping our cakes without a chilled insulated bag in the car, especially in summer, for more than 20 minutes. We do not offer refunds for cakes that are damaged after leaving our store.

11. Can we pick up the cake if we travel on a bicycle or motorcycle rather than a car?

We do not recommend transporting a cake in this manner as they need to be stable.

12. Can we have custom chocolate writing on the cakes?

Yes, you can customise a short message on a chocolate plaque for only an additional $5. You can order the ‘Custom Chocolate Plaque’ on our website and provide the message details in the Order Notes during purchase.